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My boyfriend’s OKCupid profile is still active

27 Feb

…should I give him the benefit of the doubt?


This goes for all boyfriends or girlfriends whose profiles are still active on OKCupid, still active on PlentyOfFish, still active on, still active on JDate…

If you have discussed being exclusive, and you know for a fact – have seen proof – that they are still actively responding to people on dating sites, then there is no doubt.

You do not have to give the benefit of the doubt. Romantic comedies are about hilarious screw-ups where the girlfriend was just mistaken because really it was his friend with cancer accessing his account.

“I see you’re still active. I am not prepared to be in an exclusive relationship where I wonder why you are still actively looking for other partners. If you delete your account, give me a call and I’ll think about it.


How do I know if my boyfriend is gay?

10 Jan

If you are Googling this question in the middle of the night, tell him you love him and you will always be friends. Get some other interests and stay distant for a time (for some people this will be a week, for others several months. Time is a very personalized thing.) Get ready for a deep and enduring friendship that will enrich your life for a very long time, if that was there in the first place.

Because if you are Googling: boyfriend gay, husband gay, how do you know if he’s gay…then it’s not a good time to have a relationship with him, regardless.